Your Talk Show Podcasts

2/18/16 Lori Curtis-Luther – Beloit City Manager

Its been a busy first year for Beloit’s City Manager. Lori Luther will join us for discussion on a variety of

2/17/16 Angie Edge-WMMB

Angie Edge, from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, joins us with “Fondue February” treats.

2/17/16 Mark Freitag

Our monthly update with Janesville’s City Manager.

2/17/16 Open Phones

TIF districts and potential changes to Milwaukee Street.

2/16/16 Focus on the Facts

Wade focuses on the facts surrounding Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement.

2/16/16 Marc Perry – Community Action

We’re talking diversity awareness this morning with Marc Perry of Community Action. Are we as diverse as we

2/16/16 Open Phones

Wisconsin legislature’s marathon hearing on 107 bills today, Justice Scalia’s successor and more.

2/15/16 Jim Bartlett-Tax Tips

Tax Tips with Jim Bartlett of Liberty Tax Service.   We discuss how to report your health insurance coverage on

2/15/16 Speaker Paul Ryan/Open Phones

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, talks about the Supreme Court Justice replacement process, the creation and

2/16/16 Ducks Unlimited

A look at the organization’s efforts, membership information and more with Tom Munich and Bob Hornby.