Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

7/27/22 Jeff Mayers from

Jeff has the latest on the Wisconsin political scene.

7/27/22 Live from the Rock County Fair

Wisconsin Farm Bureau President Kevin Krentz joins the show to discuss issues facing the farm community.

7/27/22 Live from the Rock County Fair

Richrath Project 3:13 lead singer, Michael Jahnz and the band’s bass player, Antonio Acevedo join the show with

7/27/22 Live from the Rock County Fair

Beth Burdick joins the show with the latest on what’s happening at the fair.

7/26/22 Veteran High School Coach Bill O’Leary

He’s now in the Hall of Fame – hear all about it!

7/26/22 Focus on the Facts – Live from the Rock County 4H Fair

Wade Williams is live at the Rock County 4H Fair to Focus on the Facts of the origins of the Rock County 4H Fair

7/26/22 45th Assembly District 45 Democrat Debate

Two Democratic candidates face off for a spot on the November Ballot for Wisconsin’s 45th Assembly District.

7/26/22 Live From The Rock County 4H Fair

Tim is live at the fair. We open with a rundown of today’s activities and follow with health information from

7/25/22 Rich Gruber Guest Hosts for Stan

Rich Gruber guests hosts for Stan Milam this hour. Rich’s guests are  Sue Burkart and Janet Evans for the

7/25/22 National Correspondent Bob Ney

National correspondent Bob Ney joins guest host Rich Gruber to discuss Ukraine, monkeypox and more