Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

Sheila Everhart – Wisconsin Ag Tourism

Nick Jarmusz AAA Gas Prices

Liz Paulsen – Blackhawk Tech

5/23/24 – Aimee Scrima – Airport Director

We’ll get acquainted with the new Director of the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport and highlight some of the

5/23/24 – Open phones, then Tim Cullen

We’ll take your calls and texts on any subject on the first half hour, then Rock Aqua Jays President Tim Cullen

5/23/24 – Tom Squiteri, Pentagon Correspondent

Tom joins us for talk and analysis of areas of concern in the US and across the world stage.

Is Ozempic a magic pill?

Rock County Sheriff Curt Fell

5/22/24 – Richard Lehmar, Mark Shelton, Kaleb Gatto

Our retired and current EMT guests discuss what the job of an EMT entails and join the show with info on EMS Week and

05/22/24 – Johann Hari / Richard Snyder

In this hour’s first half we talk about weight loss and the new drugs on the market.   That open discussion