Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

5/2/22 Auto Racing Guru Dave von Falkenstein

Dave and Stan review the weekend racing scene!

5/2/22 Former Congressman Bob Ney

Former congressman Bob Ney discusses national political issues of interest to our local audience.

5/2/22 Open Phones

open phone topics center around inflation and the forgiveness of student loans. Do you think forgiving student debt

5/2/22 Marquette Poll Info followed by Farmer’s Market Info

Dr. Charles Franklin opens the hour with the latest Marquette Poll results. Emily Arthur follows with info on the

4/29/22 Author Don Goldsmith – The End of Astronauts

Don Goldsmith, Ph. D joins us this hour. Goldsmith and co author Martin Rees have written The End of Astronauts, a

4/29/22 Senator Ron Johnson followed by open phones

Senator Johnson joins the show to discuss the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board,

4/29/22 Dan Cunningham Previews Music at the Marv – Congressman Mark Pocan follows

Dan joins us with the 2022 Music at the Marv lineup. Congressman Pocan follows. Weather permitting, each Music at the

4/28/22 Charles Franklin on Marquette University Law School Poll and Bears Super Fan Grizz

Charles Franklin has input on the Marquette University Law School Poll. Grizz discusses the NFL draft and season

4/28/22 Political Analyst Dr. Susan Johnson

Dr. Johnson looks at state and national politics.

4/28/22 open phones

open phone topics include covid fraud, immigration, solar panels and more