Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

5/4/21 Focus on the Facts – The Census

Wade Williams is in to Focus on the Facts of the Census Data

5/4/21 Open phones

open phone topics this hour include liquor licenses, prohibition, kwik trip and more

5/4/21 Humane Society Updates

Jim McMullen CEO, HSSW and HSSW’s Business Development Director, Kaitie Swedlund join the program to update us

5/3/21 Horticulturalist Mark Dwyer

Mark and Stan talk everything green and growing!

5/3/21 Former Congressman Bob Ney

Former congressman Bob Ney discusses national political issues of interest to our local audience.

5/3/21 Author Tom Clavin A New Look At Daniel Boone Followed by COVID Updates

Blood and Treasure is a new biography on Daniel Boone. It’s a fascinating look at Boone and early America. Tom

5/3/21 Making Sense of Proposed Tax Increases

The Biden administration is proposing several tax increases to pay for their proposed several trillion dollar bailout

4/30/21 Rep. Mark Spreitzer

Rep. Spreitzer gets us up to date on the Wisconsin Legislature.

4/30/21 Tom Appel with Consumer Guide Automotive

Rich and Tom discuss the latest automotive news and talk classic cars!

4/30/21 Agrace Sips and Sounds will be virtual this year

Agrace’s annual fundraiser, Sips and Sounds will be a virtual event this year. Development Director, Cassie