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11/17/22 Stacy Bliss Visit Beloit Followed by Matt Rothschild Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

As the holidays approach, Tracy Bliss, Director of Marketing for Visit Beloit joins us with things to do in Beloit.

11/16/22 Becky Kronberg from Rotray Botanical Gardens

Becky has info on the annual holiday light show

11/16/22 Dr. Susan Johnson

Susan is the political advisor to The Stan Milam Show. She will discuss recent political developments at he state and

11/16/22 Interim City Manager Dave Moore

Interim City Manager Dave Moore joins the show to discuss issues facing the city

11/16/22 Congressman Marc Pocan

Congressman Pocan joins us to discuss what he expects in in the 2023 session

11/15/22 Former state Sen. Tim Cullen

Cullen has information on a program Friday in Madison aimed at making voting more accessible

11/15/22 Amanda Spark

Sparky is a young professional award winner

11/15/22 Shauna El-Amin Executive Director Downtown Beloit Association

After two years of covid and a reverse parade, The Grand Lighted Holiday Parade returns to downtown Beloit on

11/15/22 County Supervisor Mike Zoril

County Supervisor Mike Zoril joins the show to discuss a tax cut he will propose at tonight’s county board

11/15/22 Open Phones

crypto currency and stan milan’s show open are among the topics covered this morning