Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

1/13/22 Stan and Sparky

Stan and Sparky talk about the best albums of 2021 and the most anticipated albums of 2022!

1/13/22 Randy Pickering Edgerton Fire Chief

Several communities, including Milton will be teaming up with the Edgerton Fire Department. Edgerton Fire Chief,

1/13/22 Superintendent School District of Janesville – Steve Pophal

Steve joins the program to discuss ESSER/Covid relief funds, staffing shortages and the search and transition process

1/13/21 Antonio Sabato Jr. Followed by Congressman Bryan Steil

Star of God’s Not Dead: We the People, Antonio Sabato Jr. opens the program with details on his life and the

1/12/22 Stan and Sparky

Stan and Amanda Spark (Sparky) discuss the Screen Actors Guild award nominees and more!

1/12/22 John Berkley from Uncommon Cents Investing

John explains inflation, what government can do about it and the results of various actions.

1/12/22 Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF)

BIFF CEO Greg Gerard joins the show with plans for the 2022 film festival.

1/12/22 Open Phones

Open phone topics include the filibuster, voting, HR1, transparency legislation and more

1/12/22 Congressman Mark Pocan Followed by Melanie Hempe with Screen Strong

Congressman Pocan joins the program with details on HR1 and the Democrats plan to eliminate the filibuster. Melanie

1/11/22 Stan Milam

Stan discusses a variety of topics including unemployment.