Your Talk Show / Stan Milam Show Podcasts

7/21/22 100th Anniversary of Riverside Park

Bill Truman, president of Friends of Riverside Park, joins the show to discuss the 100th Anniversary celebration of

7/20/22 Dave Von Falkenstein

Turn left, gas it, and don’t hit the cement wall!

7/20/22 Mr. Milton Doug Welch

Stan and Doug talk baseball!

7/20/22 open phones

open phones

7/20/22 Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag

City Manager Mark Freitag joins the show to discuss his job search, the convention center/ice arena, changes on W.

7/20/22 Open Phones

open phone topics include The Trolley Conundrum, Jan 6 and more

7/19/22 Jeff Mayers from

Jeff has the latest on state politics and he’ll review the results of The Open.

7/19/22 Focus on the Facts

Wade Williams is in the Focus on the Facts of gas prices.

7/19/22 Open Phones

open phone topics include electric cars, the possibility of automobiles using a subscription service for extras in

7/19/22 UW-Whitewater Warhawk Football Coming to Big Radio

Ryan Callahan the UWW AD, WCLO Sports Director Josh Golberg and WCLO color commentator, Bill O’Leary join the